All recent writing is on my Tumblr and then before that, a blog.

I have participated in various art forms over the years but few were constant. There were eras of poetry readings, singing in a rock band or dance off-off-off-Broadway and I donít do any of that now. Iíve always made art but havenít always shown it. But the one thing which has been with me always was a diary.

I started in 1969 when I was 12 years old after reading Anne Frank's diary. There are now 158 notebooks. Most of them are composition notebooks with some sort of image glued on the cover, like the one above from 1985 and the one below from 1990. The images glued on the covers tell their story in a way, but some are also very incidental and an afterthought.

45 years of art made, books read, concerts attended, fashions, parties, exhibitions and meals described and who said what - is all on the record. No clear picture of me as an artist could be presented without some delving into the particular medium of the diary. That's the reason I journal online - it's my most constant medium.

By 1999, I started writing in a budding online journaling community, calling myself Lovelake, taking the name from a Gilbert and George piece. I took the name to a gallery in 2002 and then later, this site. In December 2006, I took my writing to a blog and then eventually a Tumblr.