Eva Lake

                                                       I work both in photomontage and paintings.

Various other exploits (like fanzines, window installations, shows, bands, poetry readings, Dada festivals etc.) will be detailed over time in my Diary.

My exhibition history is available here.


        The latest group of paintings solidified my lust for the square and open, empty space. In a way it was a tribute to 3 of my favorite artists: Malevich and his square, Mondrian and his grid and Yves Klein and his infinite space.

       Most works of art are in some way a self-portrait. In my case I am one who rarely stands still and this has finally translated into the paintings I make. Some artists are obsessed with death; I don't believe in it. Making my paintings live is my goal.

   In April 2005 I will be showing my paintings at the Augen Gallery. I will also be a part of a three person show called Saturated at the Autzen Gallery at Portland State University in November 2004.