Augen Gallery, Portland, Oregon

In the past decade, I have made bodies of work which investigate identity and beauty in women.
I do this by uniting various influences that illustrated the roles offered to me as a young woman.
I united 2 major streams of visual information: old popular magazines with my art history texts.

By looking at them all at the same time, I've seen a way to re-align how women are portrayed, especially beautiful, glamorous women.
I've had my own personal investment with "beauty" as a fashion worker and makeup artist: I'm a critic but also avid participant.
Yet that kind of persona doesn't fit in with the serious stance of archaeology, theory and the history of art.

 "Through the Ages" takes its name from Gardner's "Art Through the Ages," a well known art history text.
The name works here as I am showing more than one time and place in this exhibition.
Some pieces look at ancient Egypt, some look at Indian art.
Many of the works, including the new "Arrangements," focus on the constructed, cagey, no-room-to-breathe expectations placed on the Modern woman.

By mixing dates, eras and places, I seek to condense time and space, empowering her further.
She goes anywhere, anytime.

I also take great pleasure in referring to art history texts in the show title because those standard texts were active proponents in the exclusion of women artists in art history.
The show title itself is just another continued effort to rewrite art history.






Eva Lake